My Sis Pased The Talent Show And I did Not!

Today they gave us the news for the talent show and mine were not good!I did not pass, i was not going to make a big deal out of it so I was just going to let it go, but then later on my sister and her friends came all happy and were like we passed the talent show! and i totally was super happy because they are kind of like my best friends to so i gathered all my strength to say congrats! but then i was kind of depressed because I was really jealous, my sister is so lucky and i couldn’t help but to feel like crying i really was proud of my sister and I think that if these had happen last year i wouldn’t make such a big deal over it but the fact that these is the last talent show for us the people who are on 5th grade and the fact that i have auditioned three times and never have passed make me feel   sad in the inside then my cousin came to say how unlucky i was and that she was super sorry for me made me really sad to but on a scale from one to ten these day has been awesome because sadness is a feeling that i don’t feel very often and I really did not like it…By the way this is the last slice of life because this is day 31!!Image result for bye

My Mom Came !

Yesterday my mom was in Miami, today she is here with me, with all of my family. I really don’t mind so much when she goes because it is for her work, but she has traveled everywhere around the U.S.A and she knows many places that I don’t I think it would be really cool to have a job were you get to travel everywhere,  but i am sooo happy to have her back and she brought me somthing that i really wanted the cool thing about when she came is that she went to my sisters clasroom right in vida wich is a class that all the mothers come I am so glad that my mother finally came! 😛

Microwave Problem

Last time i put something in the microwave for 20sec it did not go so well because it did not end hot and i ended up just not eating any of it.  So today I put the food on my  microwave a while longer but when almost 30 sec had passed and the microwave started sounding wired and then smoke started getting all over the place it was soooo wired!Everybody looked at me it was so embarasing but it was a really funy expirience to learn from. JAJA!

Wake Up!

today I woke up but i really did not feel like waking up so I just satyed in bed for a little longer, that is when my sister turned on all of the lights on and when i was like oh my! so my sis just stared bathing and I was like thank god she is gone to let me sleep a while longer and then i got relaxed and my grandma came because at that moment she was in my house she woke me up and i had no choice but ot take a bath so i did it was really wired


Auditions :0

Today were the talent show auditions and i had a lot of fun,these is the third time that i audition but i have never have passed, i have high expectations for these time because it is the last year that we can participate in the talent show. My sis also was auditioning and she did really well i am totally sure that she will pas, but for our group i am not really sure of because in some parts one of us went faster than the other ones and in other parts we were discordinated so i really hope we pass and i cant wait till its Friday because that is the day when they tell us if we pass or if we dont!

New Phone Case!

Today we went to El Tesoro to buy a new phone case and the one i chose was really pretty it has leafs on it and sais aloha it is relay pretty and i thought that it was worth sharing it. I also loved that it was brand new because when you have something new it magically becomes even more beautiful! i had so much fun! it is something like this :pImage result for iphone 5 case that says aloha in it

Alicia~my little cousin~

Today we went to the aunt of my moms house to visit my little cousin she is actually a second cousin but i still love her with all of my heart, Her name is Alicia and she has 10 months she is so little!  We played with her for about 30 min because before that she was in her nap but when she finally woke up  we went to my other farm because they are literally building it! I had such a great time with Alicia , and something that i think is kind of funny is that her name reminds me of Alice in the wonderland and she is the most cute baby girl ever!

So Many Thoughts:)

today the first thing that I said to my friend was have you written your Denver pen pal i don’t know why but i had this feeling that she haden’t because i haden’t and she said she haden’t so i was like oh i am right and today i wrote my Denver pen pal because in circle they asked all of us if we had written our response so today was truly all about the Denver pen pals which i had not thought about until I started writing slice of life and then these made me think that slice of life makes e realize a lot of stuf that i don’t think anyone would think if they did not do it.  So ever since i did slice of life my life has been a little difrent

~6th grade art or band~

Today I was organizing my desk really normally when they gave all of us a chrome book, I was about to star doing slice of life when my teacher said that we needed to do a survey and then I kind of got bored ,but when I knew what the survey was about I kind of got happy because it was about choosing if you would like to be in band choir or art! I chose art because art is one of my favorite thing in the world so i was really happy with my decision and all of my friends chose it to!Image result for music

day 22- Get so sick again!!!

Resultado de imagen para sad emojiToday the lady who works at my house got sick, Again her stomach was hurting and she did not feel very well. I was with a friend and we were like okay this is awkward because this had happens once but I was not home then so I called my grandparents because my dad was at a reunion and they came straight away a relief came to me because I wouldn’t be  alone for the rest of that day I bet that for the lady it did not go so well but for me the day was a 5 out of ten.